Condominium Flooring Guide

Condominium living is one of the most popular lifestyle trends.

A proper flooring execution can transform a condominium space and give it it’s own style and character. we’ve prepared a list of recommendations to guide your flooring design, as well as a list of collections that are perfect for condo suites.

Condo Flooring: General Guidelines

A lot of the time, designing a condo space is similar to designing a home. However, there are some areas around which you could take a condo flooring design to the next leve.

  • Maximize the perception of space:Condos are often much more limited in space. Therefore, its important to utilize a style and color format that maximizes the space and makes it appear larger. A good way of doing so is by using lighter color hues, and to avoid large color contrasts between the floors, walls, and furniture.
  • Leverage the added sunlight: Condos are often built with larger ceilings and more window surface area. Take advantage of these features by using flooring components that are complemented well by sunlight, such as smooth hardwood surfaces.
  • Unique Styles: A lot of new condo developments utilize the standard dark hued hardwood flooring execution. Add some flare to your suite by using flooring materials that aren’t as commonly utilized in condo spaces, such as carpet tiles and vibrant luxury vinyl

Condo Flooring: Collections

We’ve hand picked a set of flooring selections that are vibrant and stick out, and integrate superbly in condominium spaces.

Classical Inspirations Collection

Miller’s Reserve Collection

Kitsilano Collection

Prairie Storm Collection

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