Commercial Flooring

Your physical retail / commercial space is an extension of your brand and significantly influences how your business is perceived. A strong flooring design can make your business pop and create a specific sentiment / mood among consumers, as well as create an ambiance for customers and employees to feel warm in.

Office Spaces

Offices are usually utilized throughout the entire day – with lots of movement and collaboration taking place. Therefore, it’s good to use a floor surface that’s warm and inviting – such as carpet. Beyond these reasons, carpet makes for the most suitable floor option in offices, due to it’s many other benefits:

  • Carpets have the strongest sound absorbing properties – making it perfect for limiting the effects of chatter across the office.
  • Plush flooring reduces the chance of slip-and-fall accidents, which is a possibility in the busy hustle and tussle of office life.
  • Carpet is easy to maintain, with ongoing scheduled carpet cleaning. Further, there are various carpeting options that offer protection against stains=, like the Shaw R2X system.

Retail Spaces

When it comes to physical retail shops, presentation is key. The main idea is to have a flooring style that that is bold and striking, which emphasizes the overall style of the shop. For these reasons, Engineered hardwood flooring is among the best options for retail spaces.

  • Engineered hardwood flooring demonstrates both quality and style. It will give off the perception that your business focuses on the fine details and doesn’t compromise quality.
  • Engineered hardwood floors are highly durable. This is important for retail spaces, which tend to see consistent high volumes of foot traffic.
  • Lastly, they are highly firm & sturdy, making it pleasant to walk on for longer periods of time.

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