Castle Combe Flooring Toronto

Hardwood with timeless character

Ancient Design Styles, With Modern Performance

Castle Combe floors are characterized by their unique look and feel of ancient reclaimed floors, with the modern performance of engineered hardwood floors.

Handcrafted Aging

Castle Combe engineered hardwood floors are entirely unique, mixing hand-carved fissures, brushing, hand scraping, and various stains to create an unparalleled look and feel.

They also utilize state-of-the-art aging techniques to bring out the natural character of the wood and to create a unique ancient appearance.

Rich Rustic Appearance

Castle Combe’s floors are aimed at giving off a rich rustic ambience, with a classical appearance and tailored modern finish. They provide an excellent combination of beautiful classical sculpted look, with the exceptional performance of modern engineered flooring design.

Timeless, Elegant, and Beautiful

Create the rustic interior design of your dreams with Castle Combe floors. Their traditional rustic styles are filled with charm and character, that will accentuate any space brilliantly.

Each plank tells its own story and takes the senses to a different dimension of exploration.

Intricate integration of natural oils

To further accentuate it’s natural rustic properties, and to provide protection that can withstand decades of use, Castle Combe’s hardwood floors are finished with a variety of natural oils that integrate with the wood and preserve its natural beauty. 

Explore the rustic charm of Castle Combe

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