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Carpeting in Toronto

Carpeting in Toronto homes and businesses is more luxurious than ever.

Home décor specialists like Chestnut Flooring continue to appeal to customers’ desires for the warmth, comfort, health and safety benefits of carpeting in their favourite spaces. Today’s innovative, advanced materials can help save energy costs in a house and invite the feet of your family and guests to relax in your home.

Pros of carpet in Toronto:

  • Carpet feels soft and friendly to the feet, and most people in Canada have their shoes off in the home.
  • Carpets absorb sound and padding further enhances the acoustic benefits to create peaceful space.
  • Plush flooring can reduce slip-and-fall accidents, which are more prevalent on hard flooring surfaces.
  • Carpet is usually more cost-effective over time when it comes to regular cleaning and maintenance.
  • Carpet can trap allergens, and dust to be safely vacuumed away.

Carpet in Toronto


Cost and Time Efficiency

Because they’re relatively small, carpet tiles aren’t difficult for most people to move and work with. Traditional carpet rolls can be pre-sized, and your helpful, professional installation experts at Chestnut Flooring will be happy to ensure it goes in beautifully. Whether you choose tiles or one of our many wall to wall carpeting options, the project time, waste and manageability are a breeze compared to some flooring installations.

Easy of removal

Easy in, easy out. It’s much faster and straightforward to pull out carpeting than wood type floors. When you want to change the flooring aesthetic in your home, it won’t be a massive undertaking. When working with individual tiles, they can also be replaced one-by-one if needed, which makes localized repairs very simple. You’ll be advised to keep extra pieces on hand when you purchase carpet flooring so that matching up materials won’t be a challenge in the future. Another advantage is the practical ability to reach subflooring if needed by lifting just one section of carpet tile.

Creative Potential

Have you struggled to decide which colour or texture of carpeting you want? Having endless choices can feel overwhelming. Chestnut Flooring does offer a seemingly limitless variety of design options for your Carpet in Toronto, but when you choose tiles, the creative process becomes even easier. With new dye technology, it’s possible to create a range of patterns or a colour blend all your own. Like wall to wall, tile options can be custom-coloured or have unique designs applied to suit the customer. Your creative spark will be ignited when you see all that’s possible with today’s carpeting materials. Why not create a one-of-a-kind space in your home or office that invites touch and admiring glances? Today, this flooring is anything but boring.



Highly Durable

Do you worry about stains, wear and tear? People who choose light carpeting in Toronto homes consider potential for spills and stains on their floor. Manufacturers have heard this concern and taken measures to combat the problem of carpet stains. Today’s best carpet varieties hold up exceptionally well while resisting dirt or liquid stains in their fibres. Treatment technology locks out unwanted grime, without compromising softness or safety. Carpet tile is built to last, and you can select types designed for high traffic areas. When working with individual tiles, the ease of replacing one at a time also significantly reduces concerns about damage.

Carpet Installation

We are ready when you are. Come to our showroom to discover more about carpet flooring selection and installation.

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Have you considered the ecological value of Toronto carpeting?

At Chestnut Flooring, we’re proud to work with conscientious manufacturers like Shaw, who are committed to reducing their ecological footprint. They’ve established themselves as industry leaders in reclaiming and recycling carpet, creatively utilizing millions of pounds of discarded carpets to create gorgeous new products with a minimal environmental footprint. Commitment to sustainability is demonstrated with prestigious certifications such as Cradle to Cradle, by Greenguard, CRI Green Label Plus, NSF 140, FloorScore, and more. They maintain Health Product Declarations (HPDs) for their commercial carpet products. Chestnut flooring strives to provide our customers with top of the line luxury for their home they can feel good about. Is carpeting part of your home’s vision? Please browse our extensive catalogue or visit our showroom.

Ecological Value

More benefits

Toronto carpet tiles offer even more benefits

Carpet tiles are squares of carpeting made to lock together and cover a variety of surfaces. The innovation of this user-friendly design product comes from paying attention to client’s needs and feedback. As more people in choose carpeting for their floors, they want the ease of installation and creative freedom to make it a look all their own.

Easy installation

Some carpet tiles adhere to floors using glue, and others use nails or staples. Design for easy installation with manageable pieces means regular people like you can handle the job. If you want the warm, organic feel of carpet flooring but you’re seeking the easiest way to install, carpet tiles will likely suit you. Since these flooring tiles are small, they are easy to position wherever desired. You can even carry the lookup your walls or on oddly shaped surfaces. Rather than struggling with a large roll and attempting to plan cuts, tiles make flexible and creative positioning incredibly doable for regular people. Don’t worry if you feel you lack artistic or technical skills. This modular carpet option is very forgiving of mistakes or changes to your plans. Toronto carpet tiles are available in numerous sizes, including 48x48, 50x50, 60x60 and 96x96 cm squared. Other shapes like hexagons and triangles are available from some manufacturers as well, typically at a higher cost.

Get creative

With Carpet tiles, you’re not locked into one look. The seams between tiles can be disguised or highlighted when mixing different colours, shades or textures side by side. When covering a large space, design features and images can be created as a central focus, or accent borders may complete your look.

Maintain your Toronto carpet’s beauty

Our preferred carpet suppliers, like Shaw, offer a patented Stain and Soil Resistance system, known as R2X. The product of rigorous testing, it’s considered a new generation of carpet technology, resisting spills, splatters, and discolouration. Traditional repellents of the past only protected the surface, but R2X permeates fibres from top to bottom. Even at the base of the yarn, liquids and dirt can’t penetrate. Maintaining carpets can seem labour-intensive, especially in commercial spaces. Care of modern carpeting is as simple as vacuuming to remove dust and grime. The fibres hold up well to shampooing as well so periodic cleaning reveals fresh-looking results. With tiles, the option to remove one or two for deep cleaning and return them saves physical labour and equipment use.

Get Creative

Brands We Carry

What could carpet do for your home?

Of the numerous design materials available today, dramatic aesthetic impressions are made with the look and feel of products. Wood, concrete, stone, vinyl, and cork, each speaks to your room’s tone and mood. No flooring material is as soft and inviting as carpet. The look isn’t limited to comfy, however. While deep pile and abundant padding positively affect the way a room feels, the ambiance may also be chic, elegant, or refined. A cozy mood in your family room beckons people and pets to relax. You may also achieve striking impressions for more dramatic rooms. The choices are yours, and they’re fun to work with.

You’re invited to visit Chestnut Flooring to see ( and touch) the difference of carpet in Toronto.

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