Carpet Cleaning: Easy Home Tips & Tricks

Carpet is a great option for residential spaces as well as commercial spaces. Carpets are a very convenient floor covering option. They are incredibly easy to install, easy to maintain and long lasting. They make the house look vibrant and create a comfortable indoor atmosphere. Carpet and carpet tiles are also kid and pet friendly.

But since carpeted floors require some amount of cleaning and maintenance let us explore some options for cleaning the carpets.

Stains on Carpets: First Steps

Whenever you spot any stain on the carpet do not start scrubbing. Scrubbing can push the stain deeper into the carpet making it permanent. Just dab the stains with any available cleaning solution and tissue or clean cloth.

Blotting is the best method to clean stains. It adds a perfect amount of pressure on the stain and soaks it up. Rubbing and scrubbing can breakdown the fibers of the carpet and destroy it.
Always blot the stain from inward to the center and do not blot outward. Outward blotting can spread and smudge.

Method 1: Use Club Soda:

Yes, club soda you read it right. You can remove beer and wine on any carpet area using club soda.

Steps to use club soda on a stain.

  • Pour club soda using any cloth on the stain and you will notice the stain will lighten.

  • Add more club soda if required

  • Another method is to mix a one-to-one ratio of white vinegar and water for 10 to 15 mins on the stain using a spray bottle.

  • Rinse the spot with clean water once the stain is removed.

Method 2: Use Shaving Cream

 One of the best methods to remove stains is our regular shaving cream. It is useful in removing all types of stains and smudges.
Steps to use shaving cream on a stain.

  • Apply the shaving cream over the carpet on the stain for around 30 minutes.
  • Let the shaving cream set.
  • Blot the shaving cream gently with any dry white cloth.
  • Spray a half and half mix of water and white vinegar on the stain
  • Wipe with a clean cloth

Method 3: Use Dish Soap

Sometimes you eat a lot of greasy food on your carpet and the spill can really difficult to remove. Worry not. You can use dish washing soap.

Steps to use dish soap on stains:

  • Add dish soap to a cup of warm water and mix till it dissolves.
  • Pour the mix on the stain.
  • Blot the stain with clean paper or towel.
  • Repeat if required.

How to remove gum from carpet

Yes, we all have had kids and adults ruin our carpets with a mess of a chewing gum. But you will be surprised to know that the trick to removing chewing gum is freezing it.

Steps to use ice on gum stains:

  • Press a few ice cubes on the gum for 30 to 45 secs.
  • With the help of a spoon lift the frozen gum.
  • Use scissors and cut the gum out of the carpet strands.

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