Carpet Can Be A Luxurious Money Saver

Cost-Effectiveness And Comfort

Carpet is typically known for its cost-effectiveness and the comfort it provides underfoot but when it comes to luxurious floor coverings, most people tend to think of materials such as engineered hardwood or custom hardwood flooring.

While hardwood delivers an incredibly lavish finish, the warmth and softness offered by carpet is also extremely luxurious. In addition, plush and cozy carpet is one of the most affordable flooring options, which means that you can complete your renovation on budget without having to sacrifice quality or comfort.


One of the benefits of carpet is its versatility.

At Chestnut Flooring in Toronto, we carry carpet in a wide range of colours, textures, patterns, and styles, which will work with your existing décor or allow you to completely re-imagine and transform your space with your new carpet as your focal point. Whether your style is classic, casual, or contemporary, we have carpet to perfectly complement any décor and our design consultants can work with you to help you chose the best style for your space, lifestyle, and budget. If possible, you can bring in a fabric sample from the room to help us assist you in selecting the best carpet tones for your space. Alternatively, we can schedule an in-home visit with one of our design consultants, who will take into account your existing furniture, artwork, wall colour, and fabric to help you determine the most suitable carpet for your home.


When it comes to flooring options, there is no cozier choice than carpet. If you are looking to create a space that is warm, comfortable, and inviting, carpet is an ideal option. In fact, carpet is a natural insulator, insulating up to 17 times better than any other flooring option, which means that it will provide additional warmth during the cold winter months. Thus, in addition to the upfront money savings carpet offers, it will also lower your energy bills, saving you money for years to come.

While many other flooring types require costly sub-floors or have particular manufacturer installation restrictions, carpet can be installed in any space of the home and does not necessitate a particular sub-floor.

It can be installed over concrete, USB board, plywood and many hard surface floors. As a result, when you choose carpet for your renovation, you will not be surprised with additional costs for sub-floor preparation. In addition, carpet can easily be transitioned to adjoining rooms, which means that it is not necessary to replace the flooring in the neighboring rooms, which reduces the cost of your renovation significantly. To learn more about the money saving benefits of luxurious carpet, we invite you to drop by our showroom, conveniently located in Toronto, where you can peruse our vast selection of both residential and commercial carpeting. A member of our team of experts would be happy to assist you in selecting the ideal carpet for your particular space, style, and budget and recommending a professional installation expert in the GTA.


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