Hardwood Installer

Job Description

Chestnut Flooring is looking for skilled Hardwood Installers.

Job Summary: 

Responsible for laying floor coverings in establishments such as buildings, restaurants, homes, offices, and factories. Uses various materials, including hardwood, laminate, linoleum, vinyl, cork, rubber, cement, carpet, or tile.

Primary responsibilities:

  • Inspect and clean surface in preparation for material.
  • Measure area to determine amount of materials needed.
  • Confer with architect or homeowner to determine ideal material and layout.
  • Correct defects such as a sub-floor that is unleveled or contains rotted wood.
  • Sweep, scrape, sand, or chip dirt and irregularities from base surfaces, and fill cracks with putty, plaster, or cement grout to form smooth foundation.
  • Order flooring materials.
  • Provide estimates on how long the job will take.
  • Cut flooring materials.
  • Use adhesive to glue material to floor.
  • Unroll and install polyethylene film.
  • Install padded underlayer to reduce noise.
  • Install floor covering and ensure there are no cracks.
  • Clean up leftover adhesives.
  • Mop up floors and inspect finished product for flaws.
  • Replace any defective flooring material.
  • Supervise flooring assistants.
  • Work with carpenters, carpet installers, architects, engineers, and other workers to get appropriate job specs.

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