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High-level Durability And Style

At Chestnut Flooring, we’re pleased to collaborate with Canadian Standard Flooring in Toronto.

The quality and variety of their products exceed expectations for our discerning clients. This gold-standard company is committed to customer service and satisfaction.

Canadian Standard Flooring in Toronto is known for high-level durability, combined with elegance and style. Whether you need vinyl sheet flooring for your project, or you’re considering traditional hardwood, Canadian Standard offers a broad range of flooring products to make the shopping and planning experience both creative and worry-free. Whatever pattern, texture, function or aesthetic you seek, count on a variety of looks, all with the same level of workmanship and quality control standards.

Canadian Standard manufactures floors that suit every design and maintain their features for decades to come. The needs and budgets of home builders and homeowners vary greatly, so the experts at Chestnut Flooring appreciate matching expectations and making design dreams come true when drawing from the expansive, Canadian Standard Flooring Toronto line of products.

Canadian Standard Flooring has a substantial catalogue, showcasing everything from hardwood to vinyl sheet flooring. The natural beauty and resilience of engineered wood, along with a multitude of detailed laminate options round out the collection. We invite you to take a closer look at Canadian Standard Flooring product lines available at Chestnut Flooring.

Canadian Standard Flooring in Toronto- Selection and styles

With colours and textures to suit any room in your home, office, cottage or commercial space, you’re sure to find the flooring you’ll love. At Canadian Standard, each available material represents the excellent workmanship and professional finish the company is renowned for.

The LOFT Collection- Laminate

Dedicated to both durability and a high-end aesthetic, the LOFT Collection offers real brushed wood finishing for long, laminate planks. A premium underlayment material attached, plus durable scratch and scuff-resistant protection ensure the strength of this elegant material is beyond the typical expectation for laminate flooring. It’s suitable for both residential and light commercial use, in home, office and beyond. What LOFT laminate delivers in resilience, it doesn’t sacrifice in modern style. The planks come in stunning colours like Moon Light, Coffeehouse, Oat Straw, Earth Sand, Peppercorn and Studio Grey.

Laminate remains a popular and versatile choice because of its durability and close resemblance to classic hardwood floors, at a significantly lower cost.

At Chestnut Flooring, we offer laminate flooring options from the leading Canadian and European manufacturers. As a wholesale provider, we can assure you of the best price without ever compromising the quality or availability of your product. Laminate suits customers seeking to match practical functionality with a sophisticated look.

The LOFT Collection

Duralock- Laminate

Duralock- Laminate

A hand scraped laminate flooring provides a cost-efficient, yet attractive alternative to solid hardwood for elegant strength.

Durable materials like fiberboard and a high-resistance finish make this laminate nearly impervious to dents or stains. Due to its impressive range of colours and grains, realistic wood looks are easy to achieve. The interlocking panels make this a stress-free choice for efficient installation. This hand-scraped laminate floor is appreciated for its quality finish and high resistance to surface damage. Realistic wood looks are available in a lovely range of textures and colours. Interlocking panels allow stress-free, luxury hardwood looks at a fraction of the cost. The laminate top layer is made from a resilient melamine plastic to protect from wear. The core layer is comprised of compressed fiberboard and resin. That makes it suitable for high traffic areas in the home and resistant to damage from foot traffic and pets. Unlike hardwood flooring and other natural materials, laminate won’t fade under UV rays, stain, warp or lose its lustre.

At Chestnut Flooring, we carry the leading laminate flooring options from top Canadian and European manufacturers. Canadian Standard Flooring in Toronto laminate is a best-selling, quality product.

The VANNTETT Collection -Vinyl Planks

Developed through innovative new technology, engineered vinyl planks have developed impressive qualities along with good looks.

The VANNTETT Collection is stain resistant, waterproof, and easy to maintain, just as you’d expect from robust vinyl material. However, these high-quality planks also deliver the look and feel of real solid wood.

As more property owners and designers are seeking attractive alternatives to carpet, and wish to spend less than the premium products demand, vinyl planks now fit that niche nicely. Their appearance and functionality have made incredible advancements. Vinyl can mimic luxurious, exotic wood at a fraction of the budget. Easy, DIY installation involves glue down or peel and stick methods. Canadian Standard Vinyl planks have become a customer favourite because many people want the visual effects of detailed, natural grain, not wood maintenance or protection worries. Vinyl holds up in high traffic conditions and areas where moisture can factor in. The thicker, precision etched vinyl surfaces far surpass the look of their predecessors.

Vinyl is considered versatile and easy to work with because of its simple installation, and natural water and scratch resistance. Combining the best of high-quality manufacturing, visual appeal, design and durability, this collection delights Canadian Standard and Chestnut Flooring clients. The seven-inch-wide planks are available in Brooklyn Loft, Exotic Timber, Safari, Studio Style or Rustic Cottage.

Solid Hardwood Flooring

Solid Hardwood Flooring

Canadian Standard Flooring in Toronto is dedicated to providing customers in the GTA with premium wood flooring products. This timeless classic is sought after for its eco-friendly beauty, long lasting style, and richness. The focus on detailed craftsmanship which infuses all our hardwood floor types make this a sought-after, premium product.

With the natural, organic charm real solid hardwood delivers, the demand for more finishing options and variety never ceases. With Canadian Standard, you won’t be wanting for selection. For an in-depth view of the Canadian Standard hardwood collections, please visit the website and enjoy browsing. We carry a variety of finishes ideal for small or large areas such as American Cherry-Prestige, Alu Gray, Hard Maple, Red Oak Advantage, Red Oak Prestige, or Yellow Birch. Whatever feel will suit your space, we have a hardwood finish to match it. At Chestnut Flooring, we offer custom hardwood flooring services to make your renovation a breeze.

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Chestnut Flooring Toronto-Exceeds Standards For Elegance And Excellence

Experience the exciting variety in Canadian Standard Flooring. Toronto ‘s Chestnut Flooring is dedicated to supporting clients through their design or renovation experience, every step of the way.

Whether updating your home, creating a functional and stylish commercial space, or putting unique, finishing touches on your condo, you’re welcome to browse our extensive collection of Canadian Standard Flooring in Toronto. You’ll find the hardwood, laminate, vinyl or engineered hardwood material you’re seeking. Let our experts enhance your experience and ensure you’re completely satisfied. Feel free to drop in to our vast flooring showroom, located in Vaughan.

Exceeds Standards For Elegance And Excellence

Solid Hardwood Collections

For a wide selection of Canadian Standard Flooring Toronto, we invite you to drop by our showroom to meet with a flooring expert.

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Canadian Standard Unikkwood Collection- Engineered Hardwood

The Canadian Standard Flooring Toronto collection derives quality, rustic hardwood from European Oak to create a durable, scratch resistant product. UNIKKWOOD is available in a variety of colours, including Smoked Mantel, Burnt Rafter, Limestone, Iron Rust, Antique Joist, and Reclaimed Oak. For a warm, classic look and endless creativity in your rooms, this engineered hardwood has blended a unique reclaimed design with the modern technological benefits of engineered wood.

Our Handcraft Collection – Engineered Hardwood

Handscraped Maple in the Canadian Standard Handcraft Collection presents elegance and strength. Robust material like fibreboards and wood elements result in trustworthy resistance to dents and stains. This collection comes in popular colour and grain options for natural-looking real wood effects. The interlocking installation is easy for even those clients with minimal experience. Cost-effective, fast and beautiful, the Handcraft Collection makes any space look rich and inviting, with less hassle. You can choose to install with our Chestnut Flooring experts so the proper subfloor, moisture barrier and plank arrangement will deliver long-lasting beauty regardless of daily wear and tear.

Antikkwood Collection- Maple Or Oak Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Canadian Standard Flooring in Toronto showcases the best of engineered hardwood design with maple, hickory and oak finishes in the Antikkwood collection. Well-designed engineered hardwood offers a timeless experience combined with modern technology, bringing old world design to life under your feet. For those seeking a weathered, rustic look, this Canadian Standard Flooring Toronto collection integrates high-end technology and precise engineering for lasting warmth and intricate finishing that compliments any room in the home.

Maple Engineered Flooring or Oak are popular choices for Antikkwood customers. Other top picks include hickory, Brazilian Cherry and red oak. Engineered hardwood offers greater customization than standard solid wood planks, and peace of mind knowing that solid, reinforced construction limits the potential to warp or bow. Engineered boards also boast a hardened surface feature to resist damage from impact and sunlight. It’s more impervious to moisture than regular wood, which makes it a superior choice for a consistent theme throughout the home, including basements, hallways and bedrooms.

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