Canadian Standard

Canadian Standard

Canadian Standard is a company dedicated to premium wood flooring products with unmatched beauty, style, and durability.

Manufacturing and selling everything from hardwood to vinyl sheet flooring, their exhaustive catalogue showcases the natural beauty of their floors. Canadian Standard has a variety of colours and textures which will suit any room. With a focus on workmanship and quality as well as customer service, Canadian Standard is committed to making sure customers are satisfied with their floor.

Canadian Standard has a variety of flooring collections and a massive catalogue. Below is a brief summary of what is offered.

Loft Laminate Collection

The LOFT Collection is a high-end long plank laminate flooring set with a real brushed wood finishing.

This laminate set offers the best of both worlds durability and aesthetics, with a blend that offers modern elegance, a premium attached underlayment and very high scratch and scuff protection. This laminate mixes gorgeous colours such as Moon Light, Oat Straw, Coffeehouse, Earth Sand, Studio Grey and Peppercorn. This laminate is suitable for both residential and light commercial uses.

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Blending a unique reclaimed antique design with the modern technology of Engineered Hardwood.

This collection uses European Oak to create a beautiful rustic hardwood that is durable, scratch resistant and easy to install. This collection comes in a variety of colours: Smoked Mantel, Limestone, Burnt Rafter, Antique Joist, Iron Rust and Reclaimed Oak.

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UNIKKWOOD Collection- Engineered Hardwood

VANNTETT Luxury Vinyl Plank

The VANNTETT Collection was developed using innovative technology.

Creating engineered vinyl planks that are stain resistant, waterproof, highly durable and easy to maintain, all while retaining the look and feel of real hardwood. Easy installation through the use of a click system eliminates the need for any adhesive. By bringing together the utmost in beauty, durability and convenience, this collection has the capacity to transform any setting, and can be used in both residential and commercial applications. The planks are seven inches wide and come in: Brooklyn Loft, Safari, Exotic Timber, Studio Style and Rustic Cottage.

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In maple, hickory and oak, this engineered hardwood is a gorgeous example of good design.

Antikkwood Collection presents a timeless experience that combines the old-world look with modern technology right at your feet. This flooring offers a weathered and rustic look that is then integrated with high-end technology for precise engineering and prefinishing. This collection is full of warmth and colour, and will be suitable in any home.

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ANTIKKWOOD Engineered Flooring

DURALOCK Laminate Flooring

This hand scraped laminate flooring is a cost-efficient alternative to solid wood that preserves the same level of elegance hardwood flooring could provide.

By using more durable and comfortable materials such as fiberboards, this laminate has higher resistance to dents and stains. A wide range of colours and grains in very realistic wood looks is available. For easy installation, simple use the interlocking panels.

For a more complete look at the Canadian Standard collections, please visit the website and take the time to browse for what you need. Canadian Standard aims to provide the best in Canadian flooring, and will take the time to ensure your needs are met.

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