Perhaps, you are already aware, Beaulieu Canada is among the largest carpet distributors in North America. And from the name, Beaulieu Canada is a proud Canadian company. It produces fantastic floorings, and over the years, it has expanded into other flooring types, including the hardwood, vinyl, carpet tiles, and so on.

Beaulieu Canada offers great flooring rates for its customers. To show their dedication to customer service and the environment, Beaulieu ensures that each product you purchased is sold to maintain superior quality. It ensures that the Floor-Score certification verifies each product. Now, in their flooring catalog, Beaulieu offers varieties of carpets that are made from recyclable materials. This is to ensure that it produces as little waste as possible. Here are some of the currently offered products and the advantages they have:

  1. Carpet Tiles: The carpet tiles catalog has new flooring types. These are high-quality modular carpet tiles that are unique for the combination of both performance and design. Examples are Appeal TAPP, Allure TALL, and Diversion TDIV. They are suitable for home offices, small businesses, and your home. The significant benefits you enjoy with the modular carpet tiles are:

  • Better air quality

  • Easy installation and replacement

  • Natural slip resistance

  • Environmentally friendly and warm

  • Soundproof and comfy

Overall, these carpet tiles give you the creativity for flooring designs.

  1. Carpet: Another flooring type that Beaulieu offers is the carpet. There are new Beaulieu carpets that provide excellent quality, colors, and endless unique designs, which are very rare. These allow you to decide the perfect combination for your home. Examples of the new carpets are Husky A1263, Saluki A1691, Basenji A1693, among others. Why you might want to consider these carpets:

  • Increased noise reduction

  • Warmth and comfort

  • Easy to clean and stain resistant

  • Lowest VOC emitters

  • Long-lasting colors

  1. Luxury Vinyl: These flooring types are specially created to withstand high-moisture and high-traffic in your home. They are manufactured to replicate the look of any material like Ceramic, hardwood, or stone. Check out the examples – Biology 0030, Biosphere 0032, Chromosome 0033, etc. Here is why you should consider choosing Luxury vinyl:

  • Wear-resistant

  • Highly waterproof

  • Ultra-durable

  • Pet stains resistant

  • Flexible installation

  1. Engineered Luxury Vinyl (ELVF): The Engineered Luxury Vinyl flooring (ELVF) is manufactured to provide comfort and for easy installation in every part of the home. This flooring is offered in a wide variety of wood styles. Here is why you should choose the ELVF:

  • Superior cleanability

  • Sturdy construction and very durable

  • 100% waterproof

  • Antimicrobial surface finish

  1. Sheet Vinyl: The sheet vinyl is different from the vinyl planks in size and mode of installation. The Sheet vinyl flooring is sometimes called ‘resilient.’ It is produced such that it bounces of object’s weight that compresses its surface. Some new Sheet Vinyl floorings at Beaulieu are Cubist Pearl BL000-U0001, Surrealist Clay BL001-U0003, and Deco Cotton BL001-U0002. Here are reasons you might want to consider the resilient flooring;

  • Slips and stain resistant

  • Suitable for use over embedded heating systems

  • Cost-effective

  • Flexibility and easy customization

  1. Engineered Hardwood: The engineered hardwood features timeless beauty and friendly flooring. It comes in varieties of colors and species like the white oak, hickory, walnut, and so on. New examples include Cavanal 1580, Celio 1581, and Manali 1582. Why should you choose the engineered hardwood;

  • Flexible installation

  • Durability and long-lasting

  • Classic and authentic look

  • Ecologically friendly

  1. Laminate: The laminate comes in various designs and styles. This is because it is manufactured to imitate the wood. It is easy to maintain, so it is your best go-to flooring for homes with pets and kids. Examples are Aitutaki 1430, Chuuk 1432, and Belle Mare 1431. Reasons for you to consider these floorings are:

  • Scratch resistance

  • Economic and cost-effective

  • Easy installation

  • Stain resistance and easy maintenance

Overall, in 2020, choosing a Beaulieu flooring of your choice can be hectic at Beaulieu Canada. Thus, the expert team is available to provide you the necessary information you need for your desired flooring. The team is the best in providing the best plan for you to decide to keep your floor classy and stylish for a long time. Contact us and enjoy a smooth purchase process today.

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