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Selection of Beaulieu Flooring Products

At Chestnut Flooring, we take great pride in our commitment to offering products by the leading flooring solutions brands in Toronto.

Beaulieu Flooring brings with it, over 65 years of experience in the manufacturing, distribution and sales of floor coverings. At our warehouse, we are proud to showcase their innovative and versatile range of products.

Offering a diverse range of brands, with a solution to meet every flooring need, Beaulieu has come to be known as a trendsetter in the flooring industry. With their fresh merchandising, versatile B2C samples and trendy color selections launched on a regular basis, they are sure to have a product to suit every taste and style.

In recent years, Vinyl flooring has become a increasingly popular. With its ease of installation and maintenance, high durability, and waterproof nature, it is one of the most reliable flooring products in the market today.


Beaulieu Flooring offers a vast variety of styles of vinyl flooring.

Whether it is loose lay plank style vinyl, sheet vinyl, or engineered luxury vinyl you are looking for, they have you covered.

Laminate flooring also remains a popular choice, especially for busy households in Toronto. Beaulieu Flooring offers products that are part of a new era of laminate products. Their HydraPlanks boast innovative sealed edges, which prevent water absorption, keeping it on the surface for the ultimate in spill protection.

PrimaPlank is their other laminate flooring brand, which is one of the few types that provides a real wood look and feel. The diverse selection covers all styles from rustic to classic as well as modern and contemporary.


Variety of Styles of Vinyl Flooring

Top Carpet Manufacturers

When it comes to hardwood flooring, Beaulieu’s UrbanTerra collection is inspired by a European stream. It features neutral tones with the look of hardwood and a modern construction.

As one of Canada’s top carpet manufacturers, Beaulieu is strongly committed to ensuring that all their products are tested to guarantee that they not only reach, but surpass quality standards.

Aside from traditional carpet, Beaulieu in Toronto also offers carpet tiles as part of their InnoFibe and NyLuxe lines.

With solution dyed fibers, their carpets carry best in class color retention, making them highly durable. They are the ideal choice for high-traffic areas, active households as well as commercial spaces.


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Safe and Healthy Homes

At Beaulieu, offering safe products is at the center of their ethos. With a focus on keeping customer homes safe and healthy, they are dedicated to providing environmentally responsible products. Beaulieu has worked hard to guarantee that their products are in compliance with rigorous indoor air quality requirements so that their customers are purchasing the very lowest VOC emitting products on the market.

The added protection of the Stainproof for Life Warranty gives customers complete peace of the mind that they are buying a product with lasting stain resistance and durability.

To browse the impressive product offerings of Beaulieu in Toronto, come in to the Chestnut Flooring showroom, open seven days a week for your convenience.


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