High-tech products manufactured in Europe have continued to determine the way for international flooring markets. Different parts of the world have different flooring designs and trends that demonstrate outstanding design qualities and best possible features.

The continuous shift towards customization and individualization has placed new demands on flooring designs. Customers have become more discerning about the type and design of flooring they purchase – it has to harmonize and coordinate with different furniture and interior design styles, look natural while at the same time being extremely durable and easy to maintain. The latest designs and trends in European Flooring have proven to be just as diverse as different lifestyles. 

The tiles and flooring have been used differently in the US than how they’re used in European countries. In Europe, you can see the flooring used beautifully in every room of the house. There is a reason why European flooring and its designs and trends are closely followed by everyone around the world.

European Flooring Trends to add luxury to your house

Here are some of the best European flooring trends that add luxurious vibes to your home.

Colors and patterns

Ho-hum tiles do serve their purpose but they’re everything but exciting. With the advancement in technology, it has become possible for tile manufacturers that create a product that boasts fabulous lines, bold colors, bright murals, metallic, and textures. 


Cement flooring and concrete are popular in contemporary designs but they are a bit on the heavier side. These days, lighter weight ceramic is now mimicking the look of concrete and cement to offer homeowners an alternative to the general poured concrete and slabs. These next-gen tiles have opened up a whole new plethora of design possibilities since every piece is individually placed.

Faux stone

Even though natural stone is lovely, it is relatively expensive. The European tile manufacturers have found ways to counter this problem as they reproduce the stone look with dramatic veining but in a more affordable porcelain tile.


Perhaps Europa has begun taking a leaf out of American design books as American-favourite wood-look tiles have begun more common here. You can find wood-look tiles in matte, glossy, smooth, and textured finishes with a distinct European flair.

Opulent finishes

Even humble ceramic tiles can exude opulence if manufactured in a certain way. Look for porcelain and ceramic tiles that mimic marble or semi-transparent glass or natural stone.


If there is something that the latest European flooring tends have demonstrated, it is that consumers aren’t limited to naturally occurring tiles and stones anymore. The manufacturers have refined their techniques to create a more natural look for durable and affordable porcelain and ceramic putting that opulent European stone or tile look within most people’s budgets.

The European flooring designers know how the latest designs and trends service a functional yet aesthetic purpose. It adds durability and longevity to the building while at the same time making an artistic statement. Every year tons of designers and flooring enthusiasts seek inspiration from European Flooring designs and trends. 

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