Humidity And Moisture Are A Bathroom’s Biggest Challenge

The running water, the shower, the bath, the sink, the toilet – all culprits of a humid, moist, and leaky bathroom. To protect yourself, your bathroom flooring needs to be able to sustain these threats. Vinyl planks, sheets, and tiles are your best options.

Bathroom Flooring Option #1: Vinyl Planks & Sheets

Vinyl planks and sheets have superior resistance to moisture, spills, and leaks. It also doesn’t expand, contract or shift due to humidity or temperature. In a room where you need waterproof material, vinyl flooring is the best way to go.

  • Water resistance in a room where it needs it most
  • Can withstand extremes of temperature from moisture to humidity
  • Known to last for 20 years and longer – even in this wet, moist environment
  • Cost-effective and affordable solution

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Bathroom Flooring Option #2: Vinyl Tiles

Vinyl tiles have all the benefits of a vinyl planks and sheets, but with a more premium look and feel – perfect for a downstairs bathroom with a high volume of foot-traffic.

  • 100% waterproof (none of this 99.9% nonsense!)
  • Easy to clean and maintain, as it is a flat, level surface with no grooves or cracks
  • Versatile in style and appearance – remarkable variation allows personal customization
  • Durability allows vinyl tiles to stand the test of time 

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