Armstrong Flooring

Armstrong Flooring

Armstrong Flooring has been a key name in the flooring business for over a century.

Dedicated to quality flooring and innovation, Armstrong is a company that values dedication to the craft. The company was founded in 1860 by Thomas Armstrong, and aims to this day to provide superior flooring products all around the world. With a headquarters in Pennsylvania and 17 safely operated plants spread out over 3 countries, Armstrong is one of the foremost leading companies in the business. Due to the high profile of the company in North America, Armstrong is dedicated to sustaining natural resources and reducing environmental impact. With hundreds of products in five core categories, Armstrong is an excellent name in flooring. Below is a highlight of the products offered by the company.

Linoleum Flooring

Armstrong linoleum is designated 100% bio based by the USDA.

All Armstrong linoleum products are made from natural ingredients such as including linseed oil, wood powder, resins, and ground limestone. The product’s rich colors come from mineral pigments- and the flooring has an all-natural jute fabric backing. All Armstrong linoleum products have NATURCote™ II, which is a UV-cured coating protecting the floor from scratches and scuffs, as well as reducing the time needed for any maintenance. This durable, versatile and green flooring is no longer your grandmother’s linoleum. Styles and designs have reinvented linoleum into a fashionable flooring option. Armstrong linoleum flooring is available in wide range of colors and patterns, from traditional marbled patterns to contemporary flecked designs or graphic patterns. Buyers can also find linoleum products in warm, organic earth tones that will accentuate the natural aspect of the flooring.

Hardwood is one of the most sustainable flooring types as it can last generations.

Over 90% of Armstrong’s wood is manufactured in the USA using local raw materials, thereby further enhancing the sustainability of Armstrong’s hardwoods. Armstrong also manufactures exotic hardwoods by practicing sustainable forest management. All Armstrong hardwood flooring is manufactured from only the finest wood specimens, both domestic and exotic. With types ranging from engineered wood, or constructed flooring which is realistic but far more durable than solid hardwood, to solid hardwood to parquet wood flooring, Armstrong hardwood floors are uniquely strong and amazingly durable for today’s busy lifestyles. For easy to install hardwood floors, consider locking hardwood floors. Armstrong offers a variety of colours and styles, and species such as birch, oak, maple, cherry, hickory, ash, pecan, walnut and exotic. For more information, please view the Armstrong catalogue at company website.

Hardwood Flooring

Luxury Vinyl Tile

LVT flooring is Floor-Score certified, meaning they are certified for low VOC emissions.

This means you can be assured of safer indoor air quality in your home. Armstrong takes sustainability even further by manufacturing floors in an ISO 140001-certified facility, or an Environment Management System. Armstrong’s Luxury Vinyl Collections feature vinyl flooring that reflects wood, ceramic and stone, made from a durable material that is easier to clean, cheaper and less prone to flaws and fading. All of Armstrong’s luxury vinyl floors are made to last. Both Luxe Plank and Alterna are made up of three primary layers, adding to durability and scratch and scuff resistance. For more information about types of Vinyl offered by Armstrong, please visit their catalogue and browse the selections.

Armstrong laminate products contribute to the MR6.0 LEED rating system.

The company sources laminate from other companies to meet specifications; requiring adherence to all environment, health and safety requirements. Laminate products are all certified to meet CARB requirements. Armstrong laminate comes in a variety of textures and patterns, boasting realistic, wood quality grain and colour. For easy maintenance and superior durability, laminate is an excellent solution for homes where hardwood is simply not feasible. With Armstrong’s refined and superior quality laminate flooring, you can achieve the look of real wood without all the drawbacks.

Laminate Flooring

Vinyl Sheets

This green flooring option is produced locally within the United States.

All of Armstrong’s vinyl flooring products carry the FloorScore Certification seal. This certification means that they meet low emission levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) for safer indoor air quality. Armstrong uses top quality printing technology to cerate highly realistic stone, wood, parquet designs. Vinyl flooring is an excellent substitute for laminate, as it is easier to install and easier to maintain. Armstrong Vinyl Tile peel and stick system is truly unique as it is as easy as putting a sticker on. DIY at it’s finest. Install in high traffic areas for extra durability and ease of maintenance. For more info, see the company website.

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