The flooring craftsmen who used to live in European countries centuries ago practiced their craft in castles and beautiful chateaus. They rendered skilfully wrought and ornate solid wooden floors that complemented the glittering chandeliers on the ceilings and the beautiful paintings by the famous artists.

This popular tradition of artistic wooden floors continues to this day, even though the modern wood flooring market these days has changed. The traditional sand-and-finish solid strip flooring market existed in Europe 50 years ago is long gone. The consensus is that it’s currently 10% or less of the European hardwood market.

Certainly, Europe isn’t a big monolithic market when it comes to flooring. There are several differences between different countries, especially in Europe. However, there are many common qualities too but they paint a different picture than the American wooden flooring market.

Choose Armstrong Flooring Canada for your flooring needs

Armstrong Flooring offers an extensive portfolio of resilient flooring products that are developed to provide exceptional design, value, and durability.  Armstrong Flooring has more than a 150-year commitment to being one of the most trusted flooring resources known for uncompromising quality, superior service and support, and persistent innovation. It is evident in everything that we do – and this is why more and more people confidently specify, choose, and trust Armstrong Flooring products than other brands in the industry. 

Flooring options at Armstrong Flooring

Flooring for Home

Armstrong Flooring offers resources to help the customers find the flooring that is right for every room – durable, beautiful and innovative vinyl sheets, vinyl tiles, and luxury vinyl planks.

Flooring for Commercial Spaces

Armstrong Flooring Toronto offers a coordination portfolio of options to enable the customers to create exceptional spaces including sheet flooring, bio flooring, luxury vinyl tile, and vinyl composition tile.

Flooring for Builders and Property Management

Enjoy flooring products with beautiful designs, maximum durability, and innovative technology in luxury vinyl tile, vinyl sheet, and rigid core to meet unique demands and price points for business.

What makes Armstrong Flooring’s products great?


Structurally stable


Wood flooring options will offer optimal structural stability and resistance to climate change and moisture. Armstrong Flooring’s collection is carefully engineered and produced for the Canadian climate, making the products among the most structurally stable and dimensionally stable wood floors on the market.


Beautiful finish


Armstrong Flooring makes use of precious older-growth hardwood for both the surface layer and newer-growth wood for the support layer to provide a beautiful finish while also maintaining its structural stability.


Wide planks


Armstrong Flooring wooden products can be manufactured in a trendy wide plank format. In fact, installing wider planks also equals fewer joints across your floor.


A wide range of options


Armstrong Flooring Canada hardwood options offer a wide range of wood species, tonalities, and finishes to complement every space.


Custom patterns


With Armstrong Flooring installation services, get the option to customize the looks and installation of your flooring. Get the wooden flooring products in a variety of exciting styles and patterns.

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