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Armadi Art is an Italian manufacturer of world-class bathroom furniture. Their unique designs bring a sense of warmth, luxury, and distinction into any space or décor.

Handcrafted using the highest quality for innovative design, each piece tells a unique story of excellence from a land steeped in a tradition of architectural richness. When it comes time for your bathroom renovation in Toronto, Armadi Art is the one stop shop to help build the bathroom of your dreams.

Their products are grouped into distinct collections, designed to reflect their unique styles.

The Classico collection has a luxurious and rich feel, with many of the pieces boasting stunning, handcrafted gold accents. With a mix of wood cabinetry and marble countertops, the pieces have an elegant and classic, yet contemporary feel to them.

When it comes to interior trends, designers and renovators know the importance of keeping their finger on the pulse. In a city like Toronto, Armadi Arts’ Avantgarde collection is sure to appeal to those looking for unique, eye-catching bathroom furnishings. The rich tones and sleek lines give a minimalistic and modern look. With luxurious gold, stainless steel and Swarovski crystal accents, these pieces are sure to stand out wherever they are installed.

Luxurious and Rich Feel

Exclusive Countertops Collection

The floating vanities of the Moderno collection are a great way to open up a space. Perfect to an lend airy feel to tight spaces, such as those of many bathrooms in Toronto, Armadi Arts Moderno pieces bring a light, yet plush feel to a space. With glossy acrylic tops and drawers with leather interiors, these furnishings can take any bathroom to the next level.

Vallessi is an exclusive collection with special countertops designed in pearl ceramic. The pieces have a clean, sleek look and feature drawers with a luxurious leather interior, and a soft closing mechanism with pull-push balance.


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100% Durable to Water and Humidity

Pieces in the Acqua collection have aluminum frames with water resistant material. They are 100% durable to water and humidity; in fact, you can even wash the vanity with no fear of damaging the surface!

The pieces are a mix of classic and trendy with geometric sinks, leather cabinets, and classic wood designs.

All of Armadi’s pieces are crafted using the highest quality of products. From the wood, to the paint and accents and everything in between, they have prided themselves on their commitment to delivering quality products since 1974.

World renowned for their elegant bathroom furnishings, Armadi Art products are available in Milan, Istanbul and New York. We, at Chestnut Flooring, are proud to bring these luxurious products by Armadi Art to the Toronto clientele.


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