Alexandra Parquets

Alexandra Parquets

Founded in 2007 by Alexandra Fortier, Alexandra Parquets aims to create high-tech products of the highest quality.

By launching the Intemporel collection, a top-quality range od oiled products, Parquets Alexandra attracts attention to the beauty and nobility of wood. It’s top range hardwood flooring is pre-oiled and draws from the classic notion of hardwood as the flooring of luxury. With an appreciation for customer service and hard work, the company bases its motto on communication and top quality materials. Innovative, resilient and durable, Alexandra floors are not your typical hardwood. Showcase the luxurious flooring that is hardwood with Alexandra.With four unique collections of hardwood flooring, Alexandra Parquets offers a multitude of varieties in species, style and technology.

Intemporel Collection

The Intemporel collection is made of select, top-quality wood.

Through the application of superior natural oils, the floor can better adapt to it’s environment. The plant derived oils applied on each Alexandra board are non-hazardous and give off no chemical fumes after being laid, proving advantageous over most chemical finishes. The Intemporel collection features classical species in a variety of colours. The species used are: red oak, hard maple, birch, larch, ash and walnut.

Expression, Alexandra’s collection of pre-finished floors, is offered in alexandra parquets expression collection an inspirational selection of colours and a vast range of species.

Matching virtually any décor, this collection is incredibly versatile. Parquets Alexandra also offers its customers a choice of 30% or 50% glossy finish. You’ll appreciate not just its beauty but also its anti-yellowing and anti-microbial qualities as well as its great resistance to wear and tear. This collection is available in birch, hard maple, red oak and walnut.

Expression Collection

Signe Alexandra Collection

The signature Alexandra collection offers more depth, more character, trendy colours and a variety of species. Offered in a 15% gloss finish, these colours will bring a unique look to your home’s floors. Species available are: red oak, maple, birch and ash.

Parquets Alexandra Expression mouldings are alexandra parquets signe alexandra collectionfinished with aluminum oxide and a kind of sunscreen that is delaying aging and has anti-yellowing properties. These mouldings are available in two types of gloss: 30% and 50%.

Intemporel Mouldings of Parquets Alexandra are made with 100% natural oils that contain no VOCs. They are manufactured in the factory to ensure the perfect fit between our moldings and our floors. Alexandra Parquets offers high-quality hardwood flooring throughout Canada. Learn more about the natural beauty of hardwood flooring on the company website, which offers detailed installation guides, product specifications, maintenance guides and other important information.

Mouldings and Accessories

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