There are many things that can be put in place to make a home exquisite. One of these is the flooring style. Picking an appropriate flooring design style always makes a clear statement in any housing facility. Here are some of the most popular spectacular patterned flooring design styles.

American Walnut Traditional
Rocky Reef


Chevron patterned flooring design style is a popular wood floor pattern from the late 16th century. It features planks being arranged in horizontal rows of V-shapes meeting on a straight line. When the woodblocks meet point to point, it will form a diagonal zigzag pattern along one axis. The making gives a beautiful appeal to the eyes. However, it can be challenging to install. To install the chevron pattern, rectangular planks are cut at 45/60 degrees, with a determined center point for every line. Now, the tricky part is that after installation, there may be open joints.

Trianon Marseille


Parquet patterned flooring design style was first used in France, from the 17th century. Its woodblocks have fixed dimensions. It introduces pattern in a subtle but stylish way. It can be produced in either engineered or solid construction. The parquet pattern comes in many styles. Its styles include classic and universal herringbone styles, attractive weave, brick style and so on. Oak and walnut plant species are an excellent choice for Parquet patterned flooring design. It is a type of wooden flooring that is extremely ornate and durable. In short, the more complex the design, the more expensive it becomes.

Langeais Oak / Wallnut


Mosaic is an art form that is at least 4000 years old. It originated from Mesopotamia, with bits of coloured stones, wood, glass and other materials. Due to hardwood’s vulnerability to moisture and decay, it should not be used for the outdoor mosaic. In making the mosaic patterned flooring design style, the bigger the mosaic, the thicker the wood, to prevent it from warping. It must first be sealed or primed. Adhesives such as weld bond, PVA and so on can be used for installation.

Cheverny Oak


The Uniblock patterned flooring design style is a solid oak made flooring that gives the house a classic touch. It is easy to install. It can also be quickly laid into a typical checkerboard pattern. The sight of its checkerboard pattern is an attractive one. This engineered wood flooring design can be fitted by using a glue-down installation method. 


Herringbone patterned flooring design style dates as far back as the 16th century when it was used as parquet flooring. The patterns are usually rectangular, but can also be a parallelogram. Depending on the aesthetic of the project; an edge length ratio is determined. The ratio is often between 2:1 or 3:1. With an angled turn of hardwood planks, the herringbone floor pattern creates geometric designs. Unlike the chevron pattern, planks are turned 90 degrees to each other to create a staggered arrow pattern in herringbone floor pattern. Also, the edges in herringbone patterns are cut straight, unlike those in a chevron pattern. It works well with walnut, Sapele, maple etc.

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