Renovating your home can be a stressful experience, especially when you are not entirely sure what you want. Marble or concrete kitchen countertops? Vaulted ceilings in the living room? Traditional or unique hardwood flooring throughout? There are a lot of decisions that need to be made, but today we will be focusing on the flooring aspect of your new design. To make sure your floors make a great first impression, here are five patterned flooring option you can have fun with.

Herringbone Floors

Whether you are going for a minimalist effect or a drastic pattern, choosing a herringbone floor design is sure to wow your guests. You can use tiles or hardwood to create a herringbone pattern, which is a distinctive V-shaped zigzag design that can elevate the appearance of any room. Choose bold colors to add contrast or simple grays and browns to keep the focus on other aspects of the room. Whichever you decide, you won’t regret going with a classic herringbone floor pattern.

Concrete Floors

While concrete floors might not seem like the best choice when it comes to patterned flooring option, they can actually be quite unique. Every concrete floor has its own distinct characteristics that make it different from others. As well, you can have it finished however you like, including low to high shine to emphasize some of those details.

Mosaic Tile

Installing mosaic tile is easily one of the most popular ways to incorporate patterned floors into your renovation. You can choose a basic colour palette of black and while tiles, or you can incorporate several of your favorite colors into the design. There are endless options when it comes to creating a custom design with mosaic tiles. If this is an option you are interested in, then taking into consideration the size of the project and your budget are two essential factors.

Interrupted Flooring

This is a flooring pattern that has been growing in popularity for a while. Rather than incorporating a traditional floor transition from one material to another, where the two end abruptly from one room to the next, interrupted floors creates an interesting transition. One flooring material, like tile, will look as though it is merging into another material, like hardwood. Installing a patterned floor like this is sure to make a great first impression with friends and family.

Mixing Light and Dark Hardwood

Who says you need to choose between a darker hardwood and a lighter one? Incorporate both options to create a unique floor pattern. If you are looking for a minimalist design, then this option will add character to your home without going overboard. Mixing darker and lighter hardwoods together can also open up your options in furniture and paint colors when the time comes. With the lighter sections of the hardwood, you’ll also be able to see more of the wood’s natural grain, which adds to the uniqueness of the finished product. Learn about the limitless styles and designs that will take your interior space to the next level. Our in-house designers offer free consultations, to find the most unique flooring styles to match your exact needs
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