The luxury of fresh and clean water we take for granted. A bathroom is a place where we treat and heal our souls and bodies with water. It is commonly claimed that the “word SPA” came from Latin phrase “Salus Per Aquam” meaning “health through water”.

Today, our bathroom, no matter big or small, is much more than just a place for hygiene; it’s our mini-haven behind closed doors. No wonder, we do our best to make it as pleasant and personal as we can.

Let’s Consider latest bathroom trends and consider some Ideas on creating your dream bathroom.

Install Freestanding Bathtubs:

Imagine yourself submerging your entire body for a relaxing and soothing soak. All your worries are melting away…
A freestanding bathtub can give you that very special feeling of being in a SPA. It is a great way to create a place of relaxation and wellbeing with luxury, style, elegance and sophistication.
Considered a luxury item in the late 19th century, the freestanding bathtub is the hottest trend in the bathroom design now. They were originally made from cast iron, brass or even natural solid stone like marble. Today, the ultra-modern freestanding bathtub is an amazing combination of art and innovative technologies. Dezign Market’s solid surface bathtubs made out of stone resin not only look stunning, they also retain the heat longer, bacteria and stain resistant.


A glass enclosure is another idea for spa like bathroom interior. There’s no more place for moldy shower curtains. Transparent glass shower and bathtub enclosures bring style and luxury feel to any bathroom, save the space, add more light and create an illusion of larger room. They are easy to install and easy to maintain. And one more great advantage: they are not expensive.

Use natural finishes: like solid wood Bathroom Vanities, marble sinks or stone veneer

Vanilla-Sky-Collection-of-GODI-bathroom-vanities-torontoPeople tend to an earthy looks. Therefore using natural colors and materials is a great idea for creating a spa like bathroom – opt for stone veneers, marble, limestone, wood grain textures, matte finishes and of course solid wood bathroom vanities.

Check out an amazing Vanilla Sky Collection of GODI bathroom vanities. They are made out of solid walnut with unique floral hand carved patterns, feature solid piece marble countertops with carved in sinks and will definitely add sophisticated, high-end spa look to your bathroom.

GODI bathroom vanities always come together with the matching wall mirror. Dressed in Art Deco or contemporary style frames, bathroom vanity mirrors can dramatically transform bathroom design, changing the room, its character and proportions, bringing additional attractive accents.


Add drama to your bathroom design by featuring a natural stone accent wall. You can turn you bathroom into a lovely retreat by featuring one of the hottest trends 2014 – natural marble slabs or ledge stone veneer on your bathroom walls. Naturally created unique patterns of colorful marble slabs may really become a centerpiece of your bathroom. Or you can create a veneer stone feature wall behind your bathtub, which will resemble a waterfall and give your bathroom a luxury spa vibe. Ledge stone has rich rough texture, and works great in a variety of styles.

Chestnut Flooring’s exclusive range of high quality cultured ledge stone veneers and prefabricated artistic marble accent wall patterns are designed to add unique touch to an ordinary space.


Bathroom sinks and faucets is the easiest and fastest way to bathroom makeover.
modern-stone-sinks-torontoThere is nothing better for a quick fix to stylish up your bathroom than updating your bathroom sink and shower faucets. Actually it’s one of the easiest ways to make a big impact out of small things. There are unlimited varieties of bathroom faucets now that can help you turn your bathroom into a spa, including the waterfall bathroom sink faucets, multi-colors changing led rain shower faucets and massage jet faucet systems. shower-faucet-torontoBut what is really hot trend now – multifunctional shower panel systems or so called shower columns, that provide you with all spa features like rain shower, massage jets, even led light or music and steam sometimes and can certainly elevate one’s bathroom experience. They can be easily installed in any existing shower space or over build in bathtub, can be easily replaced anytime without any damage to your wall finishes, available an a wide range of options and finishes to match any décor and what is very important – they are very reasonably priced. If you really want to enjoy a more relaxing shower experience, then you should definitely consider such an amazing plumbing fixture as shower panel. Another idea for a quick spa like bathroom renovation – replace an old sink with more adventurous sink designs. Buying a new sink or a modern pedestal sink vanity and replacing your old one take a couple of hours, but the result will be stunning.

If done right, the spa like bathroom design will not only look stylish and fresh, it will increase your home value and improve the quality of your life.

Bring functional bathroom fixtures and hardware, stylish and artistic decorative elements, beautiful decorative materials and the latest trends and design ideas into your home – Check the Chestnut Flooring’s collections of OUT OF THE BOX design products for your bathroom improvement project at bathroom vanities Toronto by