Wiston Building Materials Co. is an exclusive distributor that specializes in engineered hardwood flooring. In order to provide the best quality products, the company combines carefully selected raw materials with the most advanced production technology. Wiston prides itself on ethical forest extraction, consistent factory production, reliable distribution and quality goods at competitive prices. Wiston’s team of professionals understands the changing hardwood flooring market and consistently develops new and improved products for sale.

By minimizing volatile organic compounds such as formaldehyde in glues and finishes, while reducing carbon footprints, Wiston guarantees that it’s floors are safe and healthy for use. Wiston continuously explores new techniques and technologies to maximise the benefits of using sustainable materials, while ensuring top quality products. By using only sustainable forest practises, Wiston ensures that as manufacturers the company shares in the responsibility towards illegal logging practises.

Wiston’s North American experts control every aspect of production to ensure each board sold meets the highest standards established by the flooring industry. With a massive selection of species in varying grains, colours and textures, Wiston guarantees a flooring product that exceeds all expectations. Wiston engineered floors have all the beauty and benefits of solid hardwood, but are made by compressing layers of hardwood into a more solid, durable plank, that is less prone to warps, scuffs and marks. To ensure such a product, Wiston continuously develops new finishes and methods of production. Below are the different wood types offered by the company.

3 Strip FlooringWiston 3 strip flooring

Wiston’s 3 strip engineered flooring is made of three distinctive strips assembled to create 8” wide plank. 3 strip provides a dramatic and multi-piece look with the ease of installing a wide plank. Colours available are maple cappuccino, dimgray, walnut natural, homestead, red oak natural, natural satin, white grain and whitewash.

American Walnut HardwoodWiston American Walnut

Beautiful natural dark brown colours and a distinctive fine grain are the staples of American Walnut. Colours available are harris hawk, walnut roasted, coppers hawk and walnut natural.

Ash Hardwoodwiston ash flooring

Pale colours and distinctive grain make for gorgeous, classical flooring.

Cherry Hardwoodwiston cherry flooring

Soft and warm, cherry hardwood makes for bold coloured floors and a rich, class air.

Hickory Hardwoodwiston hickory flooring

With one of the highest tensile strengths of North American trees, Hickory is one of the hardest. It has a fine grain pattern and a naturally diverse, characteristic, range of colouring. Wiston offers hickory in three different colours; perique, burley and natural.

Jatoba HardwoodWiston Jatoba Flooring

Often seen in a deep, blood orange colour, Jatoba is an exotic hardwood that is prized for it’s interwoven grain and bold, dramatic colours.

Maple HardwoodWiston Maple Flooring

Maple is highly durable and very versatile. Wiston uses maple as it is commonly found in North America. It’s stylish and versatile appearance make it easy to match to any interior. Wiston offers maple hardwood in back walnut, cappuccino, cocoa, Kodiak, gunstock, java, latte, silvertip, cinnamon and natural.

Red Oak Hardwoodwiston red oak flooring

As the name suggests, red oak comes with a reddish orange tint. It’s distinct grain and durability make it a commonly used flooring.

Sapele Hardwoodwiston sapele flooring

Sapele is a lustrous wood that has a fairly fine, interlocked grain.

Teak Hardwoodwiston teak flooring

Teak is a very expensive, highly sought out wood generally used to make furniture. A teak floor showcases its natural nutty brown and coarse texture.

White Oak Hardwoodwisto white oak flooring

Wiston offers 44 different colour variations of their timeless white oak flooring. As one of the most popular hardwood flooring species around the world, you cannot go wrong with oak.