Sunca Global Forest Products was established in 2001 and is one of Canada’s leading importers and distributors of exotic hardwood flooring. All Sunca products are available for shipping from the company’s Toronto based warehouse location to destinations worldwide. Pre-finished in Toronto, Sunca’s wide variety of flooring is gorgeous and capable of both residential and commercial use, and is guaranteed top quality flooring. The company is completely committed to promoting sustainable forestry practises and securing timber that is selectively harvested and inspected. In order to preserve the rainforests, all of Sunca’s hardwood is first inspected by the Brazilian Institute of the Environment and Natural Resources.

The company’s manufacturing facility is located in the State of Mato Grosso, in Brazil. In order to assure the excellence of the flooring produced, the factory uses only the highest quality tropical woods and the most modern machinery. Sunca continuously invests in new and improved technology to further improve their wood craft.

In addition to producing a variety of exotic hardwood flooring types, the company also crafts engineered hardwood flooring. As the demand for engineered hardwood increases, Sunca aims to continue to expand into the region.

Sunca’s beautiful exotic hardwood floors are made from a variety of species, these being: jatoba, sucupira, rose gaboty, tigerwood, tauari, herringbone and cumaru. Currently, the engineered hardwood offered by the company is only white oak in a variety of colours. For more information on the species and floors offered, please visit the website. Below we provide a brief summary of the wood types sold by Sunca.

Jatoba – Hardwood Flooring Collectionsunca jatoba flooring

Jatoba is also known as Brazilian Cherry, and has become one of the most sought after species of hardwood flooring in North America due to it’s amazing durability and similar grain pattern to Oak. The warmth and character of Jatoba offers unsurpassed warmth and character, and an appreciation of premium exotic wood. Sunca has Jatoba in a variety of shades, these being: natural, royale, truffle, coffee, rose and caramel.

Sucupira – Hardwood Flooring CollectionSunca Sucupira flooring

Sucupira is a very strong and durable hardwood and as such is one of the best exotics for heavy foot traffic in your home. Sucupira has a unique slightly interlocked grain patterns and a medium texture. If you’re looking for something slightly different, and more expressive than common hardwoods, Sucupira will definitely delight. Sunca offers this wood in two colours: natural and hazelnut.

Rose Gaboty – Hardwood Flooring CollectionSunca Rose Gaboty flooring

Similar to Oak in strength, Rose Gaboty has a unique colour range and straight to interlocking grain with medium luster. Stylish and unique, this wood is an excellent exotic purchase. Available in five colours: antique, natural, honey brown, crimson and wild walnut.

Tigerwood – Hardwood Flooring CollectionSunca Tigerwood flooring

A very hard hardwood, which lives up to it’s namesake for the unique tiger stripe grain pattern that adorns every plank. For a very distinct exotic, tigerwood is the best choice.

Tauari – Hardwood Flooring CollectionSunca Tauari flooring

Usually coming in cream or cream white heartwood with a pinkish or yellow tinge, Tauari has uniformly interlocked grain resembling stripes. The texture of the wood is coarse to medium, and it is slightly harder and more stable than Red Oak. Sunca has Tauari in eight colours: natural, chocolate, Tuscan spice, gunstock, venetian brown, cherry passion, chestnut and graphite.

Cumaru – Hardwood Flooring Collectionsunca Cumaru flooring

An incredibly strong, tough, resilient wood – Cumaru is an extraordinarily stable wood which will stand up to the most demanding environment, and has a uniform mid to light brown color with a tight even grain. Cumaru makes a beautiful durable floor that will serve very well for many years to come.