Maple Excel

Maple Excel

Maple – The Nordic species “par excellence”! Sought for its magnificent grain texture, light almost creamy color and high hardness rating, Hard Maple is the ideal choice for long-lasting beauty.

– 4’’, 5'' widths standard, 6'' special order
– EvershineTM finish
– 3.7mm wear layer / 2.9mm wear layer
– 14.9mm (5/8’) total thickness / 11.4mm (1/2'') total thickness
– 7’ maximum length
– 9 / 7 ply cross laminated construction
– Polyurethane bonding glue
– Exterior grade plywood glue
– 4 side precision micro-bevel
– Tongue and Groove construction
– Can be floated, glued, stapled or nailed

Product Description

The Excel grade shows a smooth contrast between maple’s light coloured sapwood and darker heartwood. Natural characteristics including patched knots will be present in this grade.

Collection Engineered
Available in profiles of 5/8” and 1/2” (before sanding) our engineered flooring is the perfect solution for areas where traditional hardwood flooring is impractical. Additionally the cross laminated plywood core creates superior dimensional stability.

Our Engineered is available in standard 4″ and 5” widths in the following species:
– Black Wlanut
– Hard Maple
– Red Oak
– White Oak
6” width is available by special order. All colours available in a given species in solid flooring are also available in engineered.

Colors on the webpage are shown as examples only and may not be representative of actual colors. Please visit a showroom to see a physical sample before purchasing.

Additional Information