The Fuzion Flooring Brand is a company built on reputation. With many years’ experience in the field, Fuzion offers high quality hardwood, laminate, vinyl, cork and carpet flooring at an affordable price. Fuzion’s team works hard to design products that will last through everyday wear and are up to date with current design trends and ideas.

With many years’ experience manufacturing hardwood floors, Fuzion understands the importance of environmental sustainability in this field. To comply with an internal policy of acting in an environmentally responsible manner, all Fuzion products and raw materials come from sources and suppliers that are accountable to various globally recognized regulations with regards to sustainability, and responsible natural resource consumption.

Offering a vast range of products, Fuzion caters to all flooring needs. Below is a summary of the products offered.

Engineered Hardwoodengineered hardwood

While many homeowners look for solid hardwood flooring, the fact is that engineered hardwood is an amazing alternative as it is more resistant to wear and tear in the modern home. Fuzion offers the finest engineered hardwood in all manner of varieties and species, all designed specifically to add the same feeling that a gorgeous hardwood floor would, except more sustainable and durable. Fuzion’s engineered hardwood is easy to maintain, easy to install and comes in a massive number of styles, species, colours and grains. For a full look at their collections, please visit the website.

Luxury Vinyl Tile and PlankLuxury Vinyl Tile and Plank

Fuzion’s vinyl comes in four different varieties: SmartDrop, Dynamix, Timeless and DuraCeramic. The SmartDrop collection offers the look of luxury almost instantaneously. This vinyl flooring installs easily over existing subfloors, with no extra tools needed. It comes in a variety of patterns that mimic wood grain or tile. Dynamix vinyl is a hybrid luxury vinyl tile floor that’s perfect for just about any location in the home or cottage. Coming in a variety of wood patterns, Dynamix is easy to install with a click system, easy to maintain, and easy on the budget. Timeless integrates bold colours and designs with a waterproof exterior so that you can create a lasting foundation in your home. Built to withstand wear and tear, and clic-format, Timeless is an easy alternative to wooden floors. DuraCeramic is a flooring mimicking ceramic floors, and thus is perfect for bathrooms and kitchens. These floors are strikingly realistic and extremely practical with all the benefits of modern technology and innovation, as well as Scotchgard Protector™ which repels dirt and mess for easy cleaning and stain release.

Laminate Flooringhardwood laminate

Fuzion’s laminate is almost like real wood. Guaranteed to last a lifetime, laminate is an alternative to hardwood for homes where hardwood just isn’t feasible. Get a similar wooden look for much less, in addition to easy maintenance, durability and excellent prices. Fuzion’s laminate comes in a variety of colours, grains and styles. For more information, visits the company website.

Cork FlooringCork Flooring

The ultimate environmentally friendly flooring; soft, warm and sound dampening, cork is an underused flooring alternative. Cork is perfect for basements, kitchens and hallways. Fuzion offers cork flooring in soft and distinct patterns.

Carpet Flooringcarpet

Fuzion carpets are designed to withstand fading, sun damage and wear. PureColour technology ensures that pieces will not bleach out during spot cleaning. Beautifully designed carpet collections can be found at the company website.