5” Engineered Hand-scraped Hardwood Flooring:

12-ply engineered construction, 4 sided micro-bevel, Maximus Aluminum Oxide no-wax, no-worry finish, 1/2″ thick by 5″ wide.

Hand-scraped floors are a unique way to display your personal style. Hand-scraped hardwood flooring is contoured to show off the wood’s natural perfection and your exceptional taste.

Hand scraped wood floors are a modern trend that can give a room old-time warmth and atmosphere. Also known as hand sculptured wood flooring, the style is somewhat more expensive than other options, but can be really special if your hardwood flooring contractor is knowledgeable and experienced.

Hand-scraped hardwood is being marketed as an option to hide the … People here love their hand scraped floors, so that’s what we’re getting.